When someone mentions getting ready to move house or we read articles about moving to another city or town, there’s usually a positive spin put on the whole experience – the excitement of new beginnings and new things to see – but for many people that isn’t always the case. Apart from the obvious stress of packing up and organising everything, for many people it’s an emotional rollercoaster that can leave them feeling decidedly blue. While we can arrange for a cleaning service to do a pre occupation cleaning so that, at the very least, we move into a clean new home; there are also a few other things we can do to help minimise the anxiety and despair of moving.

To begin with it helps to be organised – being unprepared or frantically running around packing at the very last minute doesn’t help anyone, all it does is fuel the anxiety. So, do your best to have an action plan – who will move you, do you have all the necessary packing paraphernalia, have you notified all the relevant utilities, have you completed all the change of address forms? The list is endless, but by being prepared, you help provide a solid way forward which often helps stave off the blues and further negativity.

Next, to overcome the fear of the unknown – even if you’re only moving a town or suburb away – do as much research as you can about the new area. If you already have a job and schools sorted for the children, then the next priority should be finding a good local doctor. Again, this is not something you want to sort out in an emergency – ideally you want to know who and where to turn to before an accident or illness strikes.

Take some time to explore, find out where your nearest grocery store is, closest pharmacy and sample a few coffee shops along the way so that you can begin building a list of favourite go-to places – once you start getting the lay of the land, your new town will begin to feel more like home.

Also, find out about reputable handyman, and cleaning services in your area – trialling a new company with your pre occupation cleaning is usually a good way to test quality standards. To meet new people, join local forums and community groups, not only is it a great way to make new friends, but it also offers you the opportunity to do things you love – Meetup, for example, has a wide variety of events to choose from.

In short, while moving might not be the most exciting and happiest thing for everyone, there are things you can do to help you acclimatise and keep those blues at bay – a clean house is a great way to start, so if you’re shopping around for an excellent cleaning service, remember QClean, they’ve been helping people happily move into clean new homes for many years now.

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