Pavecleen - Paving and Outdoor Cleaning and Sealing

Pavecleen cleaning process
Revolutionising Paving Cleaning, Sealing and Restoring Your Paving

QClean, the leaders in paving cleaning, sealing and restoration services, bring you the revolutionary PAVECLEEN system. The first of its kind in the Western Cape, using cutting-edge high-pressure equipment and top-tier sealing products to transform your outdoor spaces. Whether it’s natural stone, clay, or concrete brick paving, our expertise extends to all types, ensuring a flawless finish that will increase your property’s value and kerb appeal.

As the pioneers of paving cleaning and sealing, we’ve perfected our methods over the years, breathing new life into countless properties. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, and we take pride in delivering the most comprehensive and cost-effective paving rejuvenation solutions in the region.

Our Pavecleen – Cleaning, Sealing And Restoration Services Can Be Carried Out On Your:

  • Driveways
  • Outdoor areas around pools and gardens
  • Commercial car parks and public walkways
  • Housing developments
  • Shopping areas
  • Schools


Benefits Of Sealing Your Investment:

When applied by our trained, professional staff, sealing will:

  • ENHANCE APPEARANCE– Enhances the colour of pavers, bringing out and intensifying the natural colours of the surface.
  • HELPS IN PROTECTION AND MAINTENANCE– Sealed surfaces are more resistant to unwanted stains such as oil, grease, spilled food/drink, etc. This makes it easier to clean and maintain your surfaces.
  • ENSURES PRESERVATION – Helps prevent erosion, inhibits growth of mould/mildew/algae/fungus.
  • ASSISTS WITH STABILISATION – protects against rain and water degradation. Reinforcing paving integrity by hardening joint sand, which also deters weed growth and insect activity.

The QClean Pavecleen Process for Cleaning and Sealing your paving has been perfected over many years, working with QPave – the quality paving specialists.

No area is too big or too small to take advantage of our professional paving cleaning, sealing and restoration services.

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