We all know how important regular carpet cleaning is, but we tend to forget that hard wood floors need special attention too – dirt and grime can just as easily get stuck in between slats as it can in your carpet. While wooden floors may be timeless and classic, if they aren’t treated well (and carefully) they can be left looking dull and scratched in no time – not ideal considering the sizeable investment to install them.

So apart from daily sweeping, regular vacuuming and monthly washing or waxing (depending on the specific finish of your flooring), here are a few preventative steps you can take to ensure their beauty and longevity:

 If you have pets, make sure their nails are regularly clipped so that they don’t scratch and damage the floors. And if there are areas they traverse multiple times a day, be sure to put down a runner or throw rug, because even with short nails, continual contact will eventually wear on the floors.

 We’ve said it before in our posts on carpet cleaning, but it remains true for hard wood floors too, encourage family and friends to leave their shoes at the door – it will prevent bits of stone and other debris being tracked into the house which can potentially scratch your floors.

 Stick floor protectors on the feet of furniture, not only will the felt stop the furniture from sliding around, but it will prevent scratches each time the item is moved or pulled out – just think how often you move bar stools or dining room table chairs and how your floor would look if there wasn’t something between it and the floor.

 Be careful with liquids – yes, certain hard wood floors may be sealed preventing excessive water damage, but any liquid left to pool and not dried up will affect your floors, so be quick to clean up any spills.

And remember, the team at QClean understand just how precious your home is to you and how important it is to keep everything clean and tidy, so they always take the greatest care when performing any of their cleaning services. Whether you’ve enlisted them for carpet cleaning or more general hygiene cleaning, their environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable products ensure the gentlest clean while thoroughly sanitising and disinfecting your home. So, to get the best out of all your flooring, call QClean today.

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