Before you move into a new home, what’s the very first thing you need to do – before unpacking even a single box? You need to clean. Because, without pre occupation cleaning, you’re simply moving into and living in someone else’s dirt – not a great thought is it? And the best cleaning begins with the best tools, so make sure you have these essentials to make the task a lighter one.

A Ladder – it’s not normally something you think of when it comes to cleaning, but that’s because pre occupation cleaning is different to ordinary hygiene cleaning. With this thorough kind of cleaning, you need to work from the top down, which means you need to be able to get to light fittings and cornices, or the top end of walls.

A long-handled feather duster – this will allow you to reach the high corner crevices we all tend to forget. And another spot we forget to clean, which makes the telescopic-handled feather duster even more handy, is the tops of doors – it’s incredible how much dust settles there over time, and we never think to clean it.

Cleaning agents – try to use eco-friendly cleaning agents where you can, yes you need to clean, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of your health or the environment, so try to go green wherever possible, and save the stronger stuff for the areas that every pre-occupation cleaning should focus on – the bathrooms and kitchen.

A decent vacuum cleaner – and by that we mean something with strong suction, and ideally a HEPA filter. If you’re an allergy sufferer, and as Cape Town has a high pollen count, many of us are; you’ll want a vacuum cleaner that can actually retain the vast majority of particles within the machine and not simply expel most of it along with the exhaust air.

Carpet cleaning – for tiled floors a regular mop will do the trick, but for carpets we really wouldn’t recommend the DIY route. Even if you don’t want to call in the professionals to help with your pre occupation cleaning, you will want the experts handling this part of the job. QClean are specialists when it comes to this (or any part of deep hygiene cleaning) and their dry carpet cleaning leaves floors spotlessly clean and instantly ready to walk on, unlike traditional steam cleaning.

If this all sounds like too much hard work – it is. So, if you’d rather busy yourself with far more important things like cracking open a bottle of champagne to toast your new home, then give QClean a call – they are experts at ensuring that your new home is perfectly clean and ready for new memories.

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