Red wine stains might not quite be what Lady Macbeth had in mind when she uttered those words, but we’ve all had to face our fair share of carpet cleaning conundrums and the dreaded red wine stain surely tops the list of challenges. So, when a guest knocks over a glass of your favourite Cabernet Sauvignon, what should you do? Apart from maintaining your composure (spills are a part of life after all), the best thing to do is to act fast to stop the stain from setting. Blot the mark with a paper towel or clean cloth and remove as much of the wine as possible, be sure not to rub or scrub as this will only drive the pigment deeper into the pile; spritz over a tiny amount of water and blot again; next make a carpet cleaning paste of three parts baking soda to one part water, apply to the stain and then leave it to dry while you get back to your guests. Once everyone has said their goodbyes, vacuum it up and assess the situation – in the unlikely event that it needs further attention, it can be treated with any regular carpet cleaning product.

Aside from red wine, another very tough stain to rid yourself of is mustard or curry as both foods contain turmeric. Considering the fact that turmeric is sometimes used as a natural clothes dye, you can imagine the challenge trying to remove it from somewhere it’s not supposed to be. Again, the key is to act as quickly as possible to prevent the dye from soaking into the carpet fibres. Gently remove the food spill from the carpet and then blot up as much of the mustard or curry as you can – be sure to use a few clean cloths or paper towels so that each time you blot the stain you’re using a clean section. As before, do not rub or scrub as this will only make it worse. This time your cleaning solution will consist of a quarter teaspoon dishwashing soap and one cup of warm water – you don’t want to use baking soda or bicarb here, because it may react with the turmeric turning the stain a reddish colour, elevating your carpet cleaning challenge to new heights. Apply the warm water solution to a cloth and then to the mark working from the outside in. Leave it to stand for at least five minutes and then begin to blot it again with a clean white cloth, repeating until the stain is no longer transferred. Rinse with cold water to ensure all the soap is out of the carpet and then layer with paper towels so that all the moisture is absorbed. Once dry you can vacuum the area to restore the carpet pile and texture.

While quick action is always the most important factor in counteracting any stain, so too is professional carpet cleaning and it should be a regular part of your long-term home maintenance plan. Having a carpet cleaning service in at least once every 12 to 18 months to do a deep clean not only lifts dirt, grime and any residual spills from your carpet, it also ensures a healthy environment and the longevity of your carpets. So be sure to contact QClean, masters at dry carpet cleaning that will leave your floors hygienically clean and instantly dry.

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