We all know how stressful moving to a new house can be, there’s all the planning and packing – not to mention the pre occupation cleaning that needs to be done before you actually move in! To help things along, we all have our own way of preparing in the hopes that everything goes swimmingly, but did you know that around the world different cultures have different traditions that they believe will ensure a good move and a good experience in their new home?

The Irish believe that the first time you exit your new home, it has to be through the first door you entered by. After that you can come and go through any door you like, but the first time is crucial to ensure good luck.

The Russians believe in the power of the cat and go to great lengths to ensure a cat crosses the threshold of a new home before anyone else does. Another Russian Jewish tradition is to have bread and salt be the first thing brought into the house – the bread symbolises satiety and the salt a life full of flavour.

The English believe, as the saying goes, that a new broom sweeps clean, so any new home needs a brand new broom to represent a fresh and clean start. Of course, another way to ensure this happens is to perform a thorough pre occupation cleaning before you move in, that way your new space is sparklingly clean, both figuratively and literally.

The Indians consider moving house to be second only in ceremonial importance to a wedding so there are numerous ways to bless a new home, from setting up a prayer area with deities and food offerings; allowing milk and rice to boil over, which symbolises purity and longevity; to the more elaborate day-long ceremony and even bringing a cow into the house.

In the East, feng shui underpins many of the traditions, and there is a long list of intricate instructions to follow, starting with the most important: choosing an auspicious day to move in – these can be selected from the Chinese almanac Calendar and are connected to your zodiac sign. On the day itself, you should wear something new and the most senior member of the household should enter first. Everyone who will live in the house should carry good luck symbols or gifts of some kind as they enter, and once in, the stove should be turned on to boil water and cook a meal with rice – this signifies abundance. Here too the belief is to clean the home properly, both literally and metaphysically, before moving in to ensure old energy is swept away and fresh new energy is created.

Regardless of where you may come from or how you may choose to bless your new home – best of luck with your move, and remember QClean for all your pre occupation cleaning  needs.

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