Most of us spend at least 70% of our time in offices, and whether we realize it or not, the benefits of a hygienically clean office are an essential part of our psychological wellbeing and physical health. Research has shown that offices are bacterial hotbeds, and after conducting a study in over 80 offices, around 500 different species of bacteria were found. Statistics of this nature are the perfect grounds for sick leave.

A clean office environment must be a priority in order to ensure employees stay healthy and productive. Regular and thorough hygiene cleaning will reduce superficial bacteria and increase the air quality, producing a healthier environment all round. Reducing bacteria is not the only advantage of having a clean office, but also helps employees feel happier, healthier and more relaxed when working in a clean space.

The Benefits of a Clean Office Environment

First impressions are important. Your office is the reflection of the professionalism and quality of your company.

Physical clutter leads to mental clutter and is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. A clean office projects an image of confidence and control to colleagues and clients, and also increases employee’s ability to reduce stress, concentration and be more productive.

People always judge a company by its appearance, and if the workplace is not taken care of, clients will get the impression they aren’t getting the best possible service.

A clean office environment is the key to efficiency and one cannot afford to lose clients due to lack of cleanliness. Hiring a comprehensive cleaning service may seem costly, but the benefits of a clean office space are valuable and worthwhile.

The Responsibility and Values of Business Owners

As a business owner, you should prioritize the health of your employees . Illness and injury has a negative impact on a business’s bottom line. An office environment that is not clean will create absenteeism and undoubtedly affect the production and morale of your employees.

The benefits of a clean office, is pride of ownership that shows your employees and clients that you care about the success of your business and also shows strong organizational skills. A healthy clean workplace produces good productivity and a healthy team of employees. Investing in professional cleaning services such as QClean, is a win-win situation all round.

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