We’re all familiar with the concept of housewarming parties, that wonderful celebration with friends and loved ones that helps us settle into a new space – and yes, pre occupation cleaning definitely makes for a better transition into a new home; but what about the home we leave behind? Special memories, a million smiles and probably tears too – how do we say goodbye to a space that’s been our sanctuary for so long, what can we do to help us transition if our hearts are heavy saying goodbye?

Take Photos
It may seem obvious, but so often the busyness of life gets in the way and we forget to capture special moments. We think ‘oh there’s plenty of time’, but then, when we’re packing boxes, we realise we never did take a photo of the new kitchen or the door frame that marked each child’s growth spurt. So, before you start dismantling your home, take your camera on a walk-around and snap those special places where memories live – later, when you’ve settled into your new place, you can create an album or photobook to help you remember.

Leave Something of Yourself
And by that we don’t mean leave a mess – in fact, one of the most considerate and gracious things you can do is to arrange for a thorough post occupation cleaning to happen once you’ve moved out. No, we mean leave a letter for the new owners, sharing what you enjoyed most about the house or any special tips that may help ease them into their new home. You can even leave a small housewarming gift, something the new occupants will appreciate.

Take a Piece with You
You may already be packing up all your belongings, but rather than considering only your possessions, you may want to take a meaningful piece of your old home with you. If you’re an avid gardener, perhaps you want to take a favourite flower or shrub to plant in your new garden. Or perhaps there’s something inside the house that evokes very special memories, the first chandelier you picked out together, antique drawer knobs – whatever it may be, you can replace it with something new, and take the treasure with you to help ease the cross-over.

Celebrate the Memories
And finally, as you will do in your new home, arrange for all your friends and family to come around and enjoy one last celebration before you close the door on the home that was and prepare yourself for the home that is to be. Just be sure to throw your farewell party before the post occupation cleaning team arrives so that you leave your old home in the best possible condition.

Here’s to cherishing old memories and creating fabulous new ones – and if you need help with any of the hygiene cleaning, remember QClean, Cape Town’s leading cleaning specialists.

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