We all know we should be hygiene cleaning our carpets regularly – the lurgy hiding in the carpet pile is beyond awful, particularly if you have pets in and out all day long. So, while we know this should be on our agendas, at the very least once a year, which option of carpet cleaning should we aim for – dry carpet cleaning or steam cleaning?

For a long time, the preferred traditional method was steam or wet cleaning, and it’s obvious to see why that might be so – after all, we know water cleans things and when we see steam rising up from a carpet, it’s satisfying to think all that steam is facilitating a thorough deep cleaning. But, that’s where we make our first mistake – the steam is often just from the hot water put into the machine and our second mistake is to think that the water has cleaned everything, when in fact the dirty water actually remains trapped in the carpet. Yes, there’s dirty water in the tank of the carpet cleaning machine, but tests show that a carpet would have to be rinsed multiple times to truly lift the dirty water out of the pile. To add to this, wet carpet cleaning typically uses too much water so it penetrates the padding underneath and leaves a dirty soapy residue which takes many hours (sometimes days) to dry – not only that, but the water left behind provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria which thrive in damp environments. So, too much water is used, it’s not as clean as it should be, bacteria can in fact multiply, it takes too long to dry, and then when it finally does dry, often after a day or two the various spots and stains resurface.

Dry carpet cleaning on the other hand is far more effective – on all levels. It doesn’t use water to do the cleaning, instead it uses environmentally friendly cleaning agents. This saves on natural resources (a big plus with water restrictions in Cape Town right now), and the eco-friendly cleaning powders are more effective at removing dirt and stains, and – and this is one of the biggest advantages – it’s instantly dry. So not only is your carpet cleaner, with no moisture left behind to facilitate bacteria growth, but you can also use your floors immediately afterwards.

There really is no comparison, dry carpet cleaning is the better option of the two systems – which QClean prove time and time again thanks to their long list of very satisfied customers. So, for the most professional service, and for hygienically clean carpets that are ready to walk on immediately, call cleaning specialists, QClean, today.

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