We’ve been blessed with an early wet winter and while none of us are complaining – it’s been a relief to watch the dam levels rise – we all know what a headache doing laundry in winter can be. The sporadic sun means we often have to resort to using our tumble dryers if we want to avoid wet clothes hanging everywhere. So, if you want to get your clothes hygienically clean and dry in less time, remember these tumble dryer hacks.

  1. If you want your clothes to dry quicker, pop a dry towel in with the wet washing for the first 15 minutes, it will help absorb some of the moisture which means your clothes or towels will need less time to dry properly.
  2. While we don’t really do dryer sheets in SA, you can achieve the same effect by soaking a small towel in fabric softener, letting it dry and then tossing it in with your washing – it helps prevent static and leaves your clothes smelling lovely.
  1. If you’re drying towels or bed linen, throw a clean tennis ball wrapped in a sock in with the load, the ball helps keep the clothes apart preventing bunching which allows more hot air to move through the items and it’s supposed to help fluff up the washing too.
  1. If you’ve left clothes in the dryer too long and they’re all wrinkled, a quick fix to avoid ironing is to put a few ice cubes in with the clothes and run the dryer for about 10 minutes – the steam created by the melting ice cubes will help ease the wrinkles.
  1. If you need to pop your sneakers or trainers in for a few minutes to dry them off properly, but you loathe the sound of them banging their way around the drum, take the laces and close them in the tumbler dryer door.

And another trick that’s said to help with static is popping in a balled-up sheet of tin foil – who would have thought it? So, if you have the winter blues and you’re trying to stay on top of all the cleaning and washing, remember these hacks to help make life a little easier. And if you want to make things even easier for yourself, remember that QClean offer the best in all forms of cleaning – whether it’s spring cleaning, renovation cleaning, pre occupation cleaning or just a good thorough deep clean, they do it all – so be sure to call the experts.

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