Whether you’re selling your own home or whether you’re an estate agent selling many homes, there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of a sale, general maintenance is one of them – people aren’t predisposed to buying a house if the garden gate is hanging on only one hinge or the curtain rod in the living room is coming off the wall. You can ‘style’ your home on the day of an open house – there’s a whole psychology behind the ideal positioning of furniture, the colour of rooms and the smell of baking bread wafting through the kitchen. And then there’s the importance of hygiene cleaning, because nothing says ‘don’t buy me!’ more than a dirty or untidy home.

  1. Clutter & Dust

That feeling of untidy begins with clutter – even if every item in a room has been hygienically cleaned, the space will feel tight and untidy if there’s too much of anything standing out. You want to create a feeling of spaciousness and light energy, and this is best achieved by being selective about what’s on show, so before you do anything else: declutter. Next, once you’ve reclaimed space, make sure you dust everything from top to bottom – you don’t want a prospective buyer to run their finger along a table only for it to come up dirty.

  1. Floors & Windows

Deep clean your floors – if you have wooden floors, make sure they’re polished and shiny, if you have tiled floors, ensure they’re sparklingly clean and that the grouting lines are looking fresh; and if you have carpets, invest in dry carpet cleaning, it will leave your carpets hygienically clean and instantly ready to walk on. And don’t forget the windows, ensure they are properly clean and streak-free, this will allow as much light in as possible – always an important factor when selling a house – and it will maximise the view to the garden.

  1. Bathrooms & Kitchen

These are the rooms in the house that have cost the most money and you want these to look as good as possible so that prospective buyers feel they can simply move in and unpack rather than having to spend time and money bringing these spaces up to speed. Bathrooms, for obvious reasons, need to be sanitised from top to bottom – nothing is more off-putting than a grubby bathroom. And as your kitchen is the heart of the home, it will need spring cleaning too, especially if you have fitted appliances that the buyers know they’ll get to keep if they buy the house.

Collectively taking care of all these details will help ensure the successful sale of your house, but if you feel overwhelmed at the thought of doing all this in addition to everything else that goes hand in hand with putting your home on the market, then be sure to give QClean a call – they offer an expert professional cleaning service, specialising in all forms of deep and thorough cleaning, which will help you to put your best foot forward so that you can sell your home in no time.

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