Window Cleaning

Residential window cleaning is a time consuming and often dangerous chore, and the results are often not what you were hoping for.

We believe our customers deserve the best and using advanced equipment, we are able to:

  • Clean all windows professionally and with minimal fuss
  • Clean those hard-to-reach windows

Depending on your requirements QClean use a state-of-the-art, window cleaning system – the most advanced water-fed pole system to hit the market in years.

Suitable for cleaning of glass and building facades, stainless steel, solar panels, signage and vehicles, the innovative system utilises both telescopic and modular concepts for comfortable use and allows us to reach heights of up to 20 metres, without the use of ladders or scaffolding. This ensures we offer you professional window cleaning services with no mess and no fuss.

This means we’re always safely on the ground when we clean your outside windows. It also allows us to achieve incredible results – far superior to the old fashioned squeegee/scraper cleaning, that was sometimes unsafe and almost never, streak-free. Using the pole system, combined with purified water and natural drying techniques that our specialist cleaners use, you can be assured of the cleanest windows, with the least amount of disruption and mess.

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