Six weeks- yes six weeks with the kids off school- how are you going to get through it  – and not just survive…

Making memories to last a lifetime

It sounds like a long time, but it will pass far too fast (honestly it will!). Finding a way to use the holidays so that kids can relax but also learn some important life skills will help you thrive rather than just survive the holidays.

 1. Plan your time out, and involve the kids 

It’s not easy to juggle work and the school holidays, but by planning what’s happening each day you have something to look forward to. Brainstorm ‘things to do’ ideas and stick it on the wall so everyone can see what’s going on. 

But, try not to over-plan every second of every day otherwise you won’t enjoy it, and it’s a sure fire recipe for stress!

 Include some downtime. Make some time to chill, relax and recharge the batteries too, yours and the kids!  Sometimes it’s nice to just to see where the day leads.

 2.  Set some ground rules

 With the routine of school life gone, and school friends too, kids might be feeling a little stressed, missing friends and routines and will more than likely ‘push back’ and challenge the boundaries.

 It might help to set some family rules around tv, pc, cellphone  time, bedtime, helping round the house and so on and write them down so everyone can see and agree about what needs doing – and when.

 3. Drop the guilt and give yourself a break

 There’s no requirement in parenting “law” that you have to be a wonderwoman or superman. So don’t be.

 Try and set aside some time for yourself too. Tired children, plus tired parents is not the best combination!

4. You don’t need to break the bank!

 It’s easy for kids to assume that the mom and dad bank will pay for all activities, but it can soon add up. Get the kids to help plan activities so they understand what things cost.

Get out and about in your local parks or the beach, armed with a picnic and make a day of it! We are lucky in Cape Town that there are many parks, beaches, forests and open areas nearby and the countryside is only a short drive away.

5. Share the load

 Friends and family are a fantastic resource not to be under-estimated in the holidays. Try to arrange play dates or sleepovers, to give yourself a break from time to time! Offer to do the same for your friends as well.

6. Don’t be afraid to use the tactics that you know work!

 At the end of the day, we are all different. We have different coping strategies and find our own unique ways to survive thrive through the summer. Don’t be afraid to use the tactics that you know work!

And once you are back to your normal routine, give the professionals a call to get your home back to  pristine condition.  QClean are here to help you with a Hygiene Makeover to ensure all dirty traces of lazy summer days are gone!

Enjoy your holidays!

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