Can you imagine arriving at your friend’s home for dinner, only to be told at the door that you have to remove your shoes before entering, and even more bizarre, being handed a pair of slippers to put on in their place? You’d think your friend had lost the plot, wouldn’t you? Well, if you lived in many European countries and most of the East, this wouldn’t be strange at all; in fact, if you chose to wear your shoes indoors they’d think you’re the crazy one. While it might seem strange to us and not a practice we’re likely to adopt any time soon, what a pity that we aren’t more open to it, because the bacteria, dirt and grime we track into our homes every day, simply by wearing our shoes indoors, is staggering. Bacteria aside, we also drag in a whole host of pollutants, and yet despite this, we don’t avail ourselves of carpet cleaning services frequently enough.

So, if we’re to remain shod indoors, how often should we be cleaning our carpets to keep them in tip top shape and relatively free of germs? Well, the first weapon in your carpet cleaning arsenal should always be your vacuum cleaner – it really is worth investing in a decent one that has the strength to clean properly. How often you use it will depend on a number of factors: do you have children or pets, is anyone in the house prone to allergies? If none of the aforementioned is applicable, then twice a week will suffice; but with children, cats and dogs about, and allergies running rampant for most of the year these days and not just in spring, it’s advisable to vacuum every second day if not daily.

The next step, and equally important in keeping your carpets in a good-looking and healthy condition, is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to do a thorough and deep clean. There are the DIY options, but too often if you do it yourself, moisture remains and this turns your house into an incubator for mould growth – definitely not something you want. It’s far better to invest in the services of a company like QClean, who have the right equipment and use high-quality environmentally friendly products. Not only will their revolutionary dry carpet cleaning machine leave your carpet perfectly clean, but it will also be dry and ready to use immediately. Most experts suggest you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least every 12 to 18 months, but if you have children and pets, it should be at least twice a year.

The other alternative is to start stocking up on Hausschuhe (house shoes) like the Germans do and hand out a pair to each unsuspecting guest as they enter your home – I think the range of responses may be quite hilarious. But until we adopt a shoes-at-the-door policy (and even then, carpet cleaning is necessary!) for the sake of healthier homes, we should be deep cleaning our carpets on a more regular basis. So, give QClean a call today for happy, healthy and instantly dry carpets.

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