At QClean, professionalism and customer satisfaction are prized above all else – management go to great lengths to ensure teams are highly trained and well equipped to achieve the highest standards of hygiene cleaning for both residential and commercial clients. And part of providing the best quality cleaning service, guaranteed, is choosing the right equipment for the job, which is why, when it comes to carpet cleaning, QClean opt for only the best – the HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System.

More than eighty years ago, Harry Rench, founded the Rench Manufacturing Company which would go on to manufacture the HOST dry carpet cleaning system. Back in the 1930s, Rench was the first to recognise that animal based soaps left a residue in carpets which contributed to rapid resoiling – his company was therefore the first to produce non-resoiling detergents to combat this. And shortly thereafter, he was part of the patent pool that developed the first dry carpet cleaning powder, created for use on wool carpets which didn’t respond well to water cleaning. In the late 1950s the first HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner was introduced and over the following fifty years, the system was refined and perfected to what it is today – the most certified dry carpet cleaning system in the world. Some of those certifications include the Green Seal, which means it’s an environmentally responsible product instrumental in promoting a more sustainable world; it’s USDA certified 100% biobased and biodegradable; it’s guaranteed to reduce mould spores by a minimum 97%with the first clean; and it’s officially WoolSafe.

Although essential as part of a proper hygiene programme, carpet cleaning is too often put off because it’s seen as a messy and cumbersome process, but with dry carpet cleaning the opposite is true. The process itself is very simple: using the HOST machine, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed; HOST dry cleaner is applied and brushed in to absorb the dirt, and then vacuumed again. Your carpets are left deep cleaned, fresh-smelling and because of environmentally friendly ingredients, perfectly safe for children and pets. Not only that, but because the system is practically water-free, not only have you helped conserve water, but your cleaned carpets are instantly ready for use.

Dry carpet cleaning is the most effective form of carpet cleaning, and the HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System is one of the best in the world. By choosing the best, QClean shows its commitment to being leaders in the cleaning industry – for more on dry carpet cleaning or their wide range of hygiene cleaning services, whether your needs are residential or commercial, big or small, call the QClean team today.

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