The idiom, ‘God is in the detail’, meaning that details matter and that whatever you’re about to do should be done thoroughly, is applicable to so many things in life, but especially so when it comes to matters like cleanliness and hygiene. Imagine having to use a communal bathroom that’s been lightly cleaned versus deep cleaned – knowing that the latter means every surface from toilets, basins and taps to floors have been properly scrubbed and disinfected (the detail) makes a world of difference to your level of ease and comfort in using that bathroom.
And so it is when you move into a new home. Because you have very little idea what the previous tenant’s standards of cleanliness were, the best option for peace of mind is to call in cleaning specialists like QClean for a thorough pre occupation cleaning before you move in. Servicing residential and commercial clients in the greater Cape Town area, QClean use professional cleaning equipment and supplies to provide top quality service for a deep clean from floor to ceiling – it’s all in the detail:

Floors: all floors are washed and/or vacuumed throughout – if carpets are in place, it’s advisable to have those cleaned as well. Did you know that the vast majority of dirt tracked into your house comes in via your shoes? Which means that even after vacuuming, all manner of bacteria remain trapped in your carpets; to counteract this QClean offers dry carpet cleaning – a revolutionary cleaning system that not only deep cleans, but leaves carpets dry in next to no time.

Surfaces: all surfaces throughout the house from kitchen to bathroom and in between are all thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This also includes areas we often overlook in our day to day cleaning like wiping marks off walls, cleaning door frames, light fittings, switch plates, skirting boards, along with the insides and outsides of cupboards. Kitchen cleaning also covers stove, oven and extractor fan external degreasing and polishing.
Windows: all windows are cleaned both inside and out – not only the glass panes, but more importantly the often ignored window frames and sills where large deposits of dirt and grime build up over time, thanks in most part to our gusty South Easter winds and sea air.

The team at QClean pride themselves on providing a pre-occupation cleaning service second to none, and because each client’s needs are different, all their cleaning solutions are tailored to suit your specific requirements. So, whether you’re about to move in or out (post occupation cleaning services are also available), make QClean your first port of call for a truly clean and sanitised home.

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