If you’ve ever built your own home or had renovations done to extend an existing house, then you know first-hand the pain of living through a build. Said to be right up there along with death and divorce, taking on a building project is one of life’s greatest stressors. No matter how organised you or your project manager may be, no build or renovation goes 100% according to plan, there will always be the odd hiccup and when the construction team are finally done, so are you – figuratively and literally. Next is the snag list and while post renovation cleaning might be on that list, by the time you’ve worked through the bulk of the items you’re so desperate for the construction team to be gone that you simply close your eyes to the mess.

But one way or another post renovation cleaning has to happen, it’s an essential part of the process and you can’t move in and enjoy your new space until it’s done. While you can tackle this task on your own, it’s always better to call in the professionals because they deal with construction cleaning (which is a step up from your deep hygiene cleaning) on a regular basis and they know what to look out for. During a build, between ladders, scaffolding and installing new light fixtures, ceiling and walls can take quite a pummelling, so professional cleaners will ensure that all scuff and paint marks are properly cleaned. This extends to light plate switches and door handles too, as these are often the grubbiest areas with so many people on site, not to mention pesky paint spots that seem to appear everywhere. Probably the greatest challenge during any post renovation cleaning (please link to Home page) is to eliminate the dust. No matter how well you might try to cordon off an area, dust always finds a way of seeping through, so your cleaning crew will work its way through your house cleaning the tops, outsides and insides of all cupboards and doors. Once the grubby work is done and all debris is removed, they’ll begin removing the protective covering from new windows and doors. And then they’ll finish off with the floors – dry carpet cleaning for all carpeted rooms and grout line and rotary cleaning of all tiled floors to bring back the shine.

To achieve all this, it’s best to turn to experts like QClean. Their professional and well-trained post renovation cleaning teams work to the highest standards, ensuring a hassle-free and immaculate home, leaving you to simply move in and enjoy your beautiful new space – isn’t that the way every build should end?

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