Spring is on the way and now is the time our pets start shedding their winter coat.  Or maybe you have a pet who sheds constantly (though you wouldn’t have them any other way).

Either way, you’re fighting what seems like a never ending battle with pet hair on your furniture, clothes, bedding and other corners of your home.

No matter how much you love your pet, nobody wants to be covered in pet hair… here’s how to get rid of it!


Start with your pet

All healthy animals shed their coat to a certain degree. You can combat excessive shedding by brushing your pet regularly, plus, what better way to show them some love!


If you let your pets jump on the couch or they have a favourite chair, be sure to vacuum these regularly using the upholstery tool. Invest in an anti-static spray to apply after the surface has been cleaned and use a lint roller, too.
Carpets need to be vacuumed regularly to get rid of the hair as well.

Use the tumble-dryer

If your clothes or bedding is covered in pet hair, we’d recommend running it through the dryer for a couple of minutes on the cool setting. The action of the drum will loosen a lot of the hair, pulling it into the filter.

Using a dryer sheet is a great tool that helps to reduce static and stop pet hair clinging to fabrics.

Use rubber gloves

You’ve probably got a pair of these lying about somewhere, so this is a great one! Use rubber gloves to clean pet hair off furniture: gently wet the gloves and brush them over the surface of the fabric. They’ll create static which, coupled with the textured surface of the glove, will lift pet hair with ease.

Clean the gloves by dipping them in hot water and the hair will simply come away. Repeat as necessary.

Your pets bedding

Most pet bedding can be washed in the washing machine, so do this regularly to avoid nasty smells and a build-up of hair.

Once you’ve washed the bedding, take some time to check for and clear away any pet hairs stuck to the inside of the drum. A short rinse cycle will wash these away – you don’t want to cover your next laundry load.

Use a damp cloth or mop

A damp cloth works wonders anywhere pet hair has gathered, run it along skirting boards and walls, and the cloth will pick up the hair as you go. For flooring, use a damp mop to pick up hair.

Cover up

If you don’t want to keep removing hair from your couch, armchair, or duvet, cover them with blankets for your pet to sit on.

Make your own anti-static spray

A mix of water and fabric softener is a quick and easy at-home anti-static spray. Use this to stop hairs clinging to furniture with a quick spray, then wipe it off.

Your Clothes

Even the cheapest of lint rollers are a great way to remove pet hair from clothing, so stock up. Alternatively, use tape wrapped around your hand, sticky-side up, and brush down the surface of the clothing.

Ensure you and your family remain healthy and happy in your home, pet-hair free. For professional service, and for hygienically clean carpets, mattresses and your whole house, call cleaning specialists, QClean, today.


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