When tasked with pre occupation cleaning, the QClean teams encounter all kinds of dirt, grime and bacteria, but something they see often in bathrooms is mildew, particularly now during the winter months. While we’re all very grateful for the much-needed rain in Cape Town, the cold and wet weather does stop us from opening our windows, and this becomes a problem in our bathrooms, because mildew thrives in humid and poorly ventilated areas. Mould and mildew can be a serious health risk, it’s been linked to respiratory problems and allergies, and it’s definitely not something you want to ignore.

Prevention is better than cure, so first prize would be to pre-empt the mildew by installing a ventilation fan, a dehumidifier, or letting fresh air in to promote air circulation, especially after a hot shower or bath; but if it’s too late for that and the mildew is already there and you want it gone before you move in, there are ways to eradicate it. If you’ve opted for professional cleaning specialists like QClean, which many people prefer to do for a pre occupation cleaning, the QClean team will use environmentally and allergy friendly cleaning solutions to remove the mould, but if this is something you want to tackle on your own, and you don’t want to use bleach, then you have a few organic solutions to consider.

Vinegar is one of the most versatile household items you’ll ever use for cleaning and because it has antimicrobial properties, it provides the perfect cleaning solution for mildew. In most hygiene cleaning cases, you would dilute vinegar with water before applying it, but in this case just go ahead and use it neat – spray it on and leave it to sit for a few minutes before wiping the area clean. If you prefer making a cleaning paste, you can take equal parts vinegar and lemon juice, add a little baking soda and mix it through until you have the right consistency – leave it on for five minutes and then wash clean. And then another option, which will also fill the bathroom with a lovely medicinal scent, is tea tree oil, a natural fungicide. Add a few drops to a spray bottle of water, spray it onto the affected area, give it a few minutes to work and then wipe away the mould.

Whether you’re battling mildew as part of your normal home hygiene routine or as part of a pre occupation cleaning, remember QClean are always at hand to help with the most arduous of tasks – they offer high-quality and bespoke cleaning solutions for residential and commercial customers in the greater Cape Town area, so give them a call today.

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