Some people want a spotless environment that is cleaned thoroughly every single day, while others are more relaxed and take up the mop and broom as and when it suits them. Whichever way you lean, have you ever wondered how often you should be cleaning everything to ensure a safe home environment? NBC News posed the same question and they turned to microbiologist and The Germ Code author, Jason Tetro; and cleaning expert, Becky Rapinchuck for the answers.

Changing your bed linen?

Ideally your bed linen should be changed weekly, or as Tetro recommends, at the very least every two weeks. The environmental dust and bacteria along with dead skin cells shed while we sleep can all contribute to acne and dandruff, so best to change and wash them in hot water every fortnight.

Cleaning the sinks?

Our bathroom and kitchen sinks may look clean, but the bacteria lurking there is alarming. In the bathroom basin, faecal matter accumulates from washing our hands after using the toilet; and in the kitchen, bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella from food or handling raw meat can be present, so in both cases it’s better to wipe down the sinks every day.

Vacuuming carpets and washing floors?

They say you should vacuum every one to two weeks, but if you have pets, small children or are prone to allergies, you should vacuum more frequently. Floors can be hygienically cleaned every fortnight, but considering the bacteria mentioned above, you might want to wash the bathroom and kitchen floors more often.

Cleaning the bathroom?

Tetro says the bathroom is the biggest bacteria host in the house – bacteria can be found within nearly two metres of the toilet and sink – so it should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week. And this includes proper disinfecting of the toilet and sink, and the shower curtain if you have one.

Putting out fresh towels?

Your bathroom towels, which become loaded with bacteria, should be changed every second day; and Tetro recommends taking out fresh kitchen towels once a week, unless you’ve been handling raw meat in which case they should be changed immediately – and the kitchen sponge should be cleaned every two days and replaced regularly.

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