The past 12 months have certainly been challenging – we’ve been thrown into months of social isolation, distancing, mask wearing and sanitising, everywhere we go. We’ve had to figure out how to work from home, perhaps home-school kids, come up with our own exercise routines, and learn to live in the “new normal”.

But with all that has been going on, it can be difficult to keep your home clean and tidy, and deal with everything else. Perhaps now is the best time to get in a professional cleaning company to help you get your home looking as good as new again?  Here are some signs that maybe it’s time…

Are you struggling to get all the cleaning done?

Life has almost returned to normal, and if the demands of family and work life have become chaotic, cleaning can become a never-ending task that gets bigger and bigger. If you spy your growing pile dishes out the corner of your eye, can’t remember when last the oven was cleaned or noticed a dust ball (or five) floating around, it’s a sign you need some help managing it all.

Are you moving house?

 Moving into a new home can be exciting. You’re moving into a fresh space, and maybe a bigger one to fit your growing family. But moving house can also be stressful. From packing up your old home, to unpacking in the new home, time just seems to run away with you. If you can’t find the time to get both properties clean, or you’re already in the process of moving and you’re drowning in boxes and bubble wrap, it’s time for some help.


Even if you have some free time to get stuck into cleaning the floors, spring cleaning the home or vacuuming the carpets, you may have other priorities that are more important. Time with your family and kids are certainly a priority.  Maybe you’ve taken some much needed leave and you want to spend all your free time recharging and doing things that help you relax. It’s okay to know that your priorities lie elsewhere, and that cleaning your home isn’t at the top of the list.

We get so focused on getting through every day, we forget to consider how we can make life a little easier. After so many months of being locked in, you’re probably ready for a deep home hygiene makeover that you know you can’t handle alone, a professional cleaning company like QClean, can make the world of difference. Give us a call today for a no-obligation quote.

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