Spring cleaning is the most well-known cleaning event of the year.  While there’s nothing better than giving the house a nice refresh, you don’t have to wait until spring to get your cleaning on.

In fact, here at QClean, we think Autumn is the best time to get your deep cleaning on. You see, besides a clean home looking and feeling nice, there are plenty of logical reasons why Autumn deep cleaning is an absolute must. And to find these out, all you need to do is to keep reading.

Why you should clean your home in Autumn


1. Preparing your home for the Winter stay-in

Autumn is the perfect time to prepare for Winter stay-ins.  If you do go out, you’re usually not out for as long or as late. You’re cooking at home more, hanging out with friends at home more and just spending a lot more time inside. And being home more means you’re using your home – and the appliances around your home – even more. This means that the chances of making mess and having things to clean up is even higher. And life is just going to be so much enjoyable and peaceful inside a clean home.

2. Your home can get super dusty

Dust tends to build up more during autumn and winter for a few different reasons. When you’re not opening up the house as much, less natural fresh air is circulating, which means there is less chance of this dust naturally making its own way out of your home. We also tend to have our heaters running more during winter. This can lead to skin becoming dry and when our skin dries out, it tends to become flaky and we shed more. And this might be a little gross, but dust is partly composed of dead skin cells, so there is even more chance of dust building up.

Hair is another major component of dust, and if you’ve got pets, them spending less time outside means more hair inside. Keeping on top of dust levels in winter can also keep those allergies at bay.

Dust will also build up on your furniture and mattresses, making these a breeding ground for allergies and illness.

3. Winter is the season of sickness

Unfortunately, winter is the time of year that many of us get ill. As we go to work or run errands, we’re exposed to varying temperatures, which can wreak havoc on our body’s immune system. And as soon as one person in the family gets sick, it’s only a matter of time until everyone gets sick. It’s super important to stay on top of disinfecting the home, particularly the high traffic areas. The bathroom, the kitchen and the door handles and light switches in your home are some of the most commonly used areas and things around the house. Make sure these get a thorough wipe down regularly in winter.

One way to combat seasonal sickness is by setting up a nice little sanitisation station at your entryway. Keep your hand sanitisers, masks, tissues and room sprays handy – they will become your best friends in winter.  Besides being logical steps to combat the Coronavirus.

4. A clean home is a happy home

A clean home environment has been closely linked to our mental health. The actual physical activity of cleaning, ending off in a clean home, has been shown to reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and even fatigue. And if we’re going to be spending more time at home during winter, then it makes sense to make it a clean home.

So, while there are some great reasons to get a jump start on your spring cleaning in winter, do you really have the time or will?

Why not call in the professionals

As always, we at QClean are dedicated to helping you keep your home hygienically clean and mess-free, so you have the opportunity of enjoying life’s pleasure without having to worry about dust, dirt, and mess. Our highly trained team of cleaners can work with you to customise your home clean to be exactly what you need. So what are you waiting for? Get a cleaning quote for your home today!

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