Educational Cleaning Services

Educational Facilities need to offer a safe and welcoming environment for learners, to learn, play in and excel.Our educational cleaning services include cleaning classrooms, lecture halls, bathrooms and common areas of schools, universities, technikons and colleges.

QClean offers our deep-cleaning Educational Cleaning Services which will ensure that maintaining this high level of safe hygiene is easy to do, every day.


Customized Educational Cleaning Solutions

At QClean, we take a flexible approach and will deep clean your education facility during mid-term breaks, or after hours. We understand that each facility has unique needs and take these into account when cleaning.

Depending on the size and nature of the school, the following areas normally require cleaning:


  • Cleaning carpets
  • Cleaning chairs and upholstery
  • Cleaning tiles and Grouting
  • Toilets
  • Computer room, and computer equipment
  • Laboratory
  • Canteen
  • Sports Halls
  • Outside Sports Clubs and facilities
  • Common Rooms
  • Staff Rooms/Offices
  • Reception Areas
  • Class Rooms
  • Hall
  • Gym
  • Changing Rooms
  • Showers
  • Desks/Benches
  • Tables
  • Window Cleaning

We also provide the following additional services:

  • Dry-cleaning of carpets and fabrics
  • Cleaning and sanitising of tiles and grouting
  • Upholstery and chair cleaning
  • Pressure washing for grounds, play area and parking facilities
  • Maintenance of paving/hard landscaping
  • Scrubber machining for Hard Floors, e.g. changing room and gym floors
  • Steam Cleaning for kitchen areas
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