We all know how much dirt we track into our homes and carpets every day. We have a vague idea of what lurks in the carpet pile (did you know, for example, that the Norovirus – the one that causes the dreaded stomach flu – can survive for more than a month on an uncleaned carpet?), but we don’t want to think about it too much, because that means we’ll need to do something about it! And why do we keep putting it off? Because it’s inconvenient, that’s why. The carpet cleaning process can be cumbersome, it can be potentially harmful for young children or pets depending on the chemicals used, and it often means hours wasted waiting for the carpets to dry; let’s be honest, who has time for that? So, we turn a blind eye and try to forget the lurgy underfoot – or underhand, as is the case if we have little ones at home.

But carpet cleaning need not be the hindrance we imagine it to be – yes, if you choose the conventional route of steam cleaning your carpets it will take forever to dry, but if you choose QClean’s dry carpet cleaning option, your carpets will be dry in a matter of minutes rather than hours. And that’s because QClean uses a revolutionary dry carpet cleaning machine system, the HOST® SYSTEM, not only does it remove dirt, dust mites, mould and other allergens, but it does so in an environmentally responsible way, using 100% plant-based resources and only a small amount of water – not only more convenient, because it means less drying time, but also very important right now considering the current water restrictions in the Western Cape. Your carpets will be deep cleaned leaving them fresh, safe for your children and pets, and above all dry and ready to use immediately!

While it may seem an oxymoron to have the words dry carpet cleaning all strung together in the same sentence, it really is achievable with QClean. The QClean teams are highly trained, uniformed and reference-checked to ensure the most professional and proficient cleaning service possible at all times. So, if you want hygienically clean carpets that are safe for everyone in your family and instantly dry, call QClean today.

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