If you’re an allergy sufferer then you’ll know that this time of the year is particularly dire; while everyone else is bouncing around celebrating the joys of spring, you’re walking around with nasal congestion, itchy eyes and an itchy throat. There isn’t much you can do about the changing of the seasons, but here are a few cleaning tips for you, when it comes to hygiene cleaning in the home that can help minimise the impact of pesky pollen and other air-borne allergens.

1. Vacuum the house at least twice a week, and be sure to use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter – these are certified air filters that remove at least 99.97% of particles. Without a HEPA filter, you’re simply sucking in allergens on one end and shooting them out again on the other.

2. When it comes to your carpets, dry carpet cleaning is the only way to go – regular steam carpet cleaning leaves behind moisture which allows mould to grow and can also increase dust mites. Dry carpet cleaning on the other hand leaves carpets hygienically clean and ready to use immediately.

3. Run a tight ship, and by that we mean de-clutter wherever possible. Anything superfluous in the house, whether it be boxes, toys or clothing all act as additional dust traps, which only serve to exacerbate hay fever symptoms.

4. Rid your bathroom of mould. Often in the colder months we keep our bathroom windows closed which allows mould to build on the ceilings or walls. Mould spores can deposit on the lining of your nose and trigger an allergic reaction so be sure to remove all signs of the damp and scrub your tiles regularly.

5. Keep scents neutral. While hygiene cleaning products come in a variety of wonderful fragrances, they’re often detrimental for many allergy sufferers; so, err on the side of caution and opt for lighter scents or better yet, fragrance-free, so that you’re not adding to your discomfort.

6. Wash bedding at least once a week on a high temperature to kill dust mites; and don’t air-dry any of your linen or clothes during the peak of hay fever season, because they will only collect pollen. Instead, use a tumble dryer whenever possible, to prevent allergens from re-entering the home.

Other things to consider are keeping doors and windows closed when you can, and asking people to leave their shoes at the door when they enter, that way they won’t track pollen (and dirt) through the house. You might also consider having your house deep cleaned on a regular basis to remove as many of the allergens as possible, and for that you should ideally use a cleaning specialist like QClean. They offer a variety of services, from the much-needed hygiene cleaning to pre and post occupation cleaning, and carpet cleaning; and they always tailor their service to meet your exact needs. So, give them a call today and let them help you through the worst of allergy season.

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