We’re not going to lie, cleaning is probably one of the most boring subjects we could talk about. We have found some fun and weird cleaning facts that will interest even the biggest household slob.

1.  Burn, Baby, Burn

Cleaning and exercise are on a level on the boring scale.  But did you know you can kill two birds with one stone? Light cleaning for 2 hours can burn 200 calories! If you really get stuck in, you can burn up to 170 calories per hour, so if you’re looking to get rid of the “lockdown” rolls,  don’t go for a run, just grab the cloths and bucket and get to it.

2.  A Woman’s Place?

It’s 2020 but it still looks like women are doing most of the housework. The average woman spends 12,896 hours in her lifetime doing household cleaning, while men average a low 6,448 hours. That equates to women spending a year and a half of their lives cleaning. Men, take this as a not-so-subtle hint!

3.  More than a Condiment

Tomato Sauce is a staple in every fridge, but did you know it’s great for the cleaning cupboard too? Tomato Sauce works as an amazing cleaner for tarnished silver and copper. The acidity mixed with sugar breaks down the oxidised metals and leave your items shining in only a few minutes. It also works brilliantly to remove rust stains from material.

4.  What The Mayonnaise?

Tomato Sauce isn’t the only weird foodstuff that can help with your cleaning. Mayonnaise works wonders for getting watermarks out of wood. So next time you get yelled at for not using a coaster, rectify your sins by grabbing the nearest jar. A spoonful left overnight then wiped down in the morning will leave your wooden furniture looking as good as new.

5.   Keeping Up Appearances

Many of us hire a professional cleaner for many reasons, we may be too busy to clean ourselves or don’t have the energy with the kids around. But 35% of us have admitted to cleaning and tidying up before the cleaner comes around, despite that being exactly what we hired them for!

6.   Sponge Cake

Did you know you can cook a sponge? Okay,  maybe not for eating, but a kitchen sponge is a playground for bacteria. Replacing your sponge frequently helps reduce your risk of getting ill but it can be very wasteful. Pop your wet sponge in the microwave for 2 minutes and this will kill off any nasty bugs.

7.  Don’t Just Wash Your Mouth Out

Mouthwash can be an excellent floor cleaner. Using a capful for every litre of water when you mop your floors can go a long way. Listerine originally developed its product as a surgical antiseptic but realized their target market was too small. So in the hopes of driving sales, they marketed it as a floor cleaner and sales skyrocketed.

If, after all that, you still don’t fancy doing your own cleaning, call QClean – cleaning experts who have been producing hygienically clean environments for many happy homes and families throughout the greater Cape Town area for many years.

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