Your bathroom is likely the room that requires the most amount of hygiene cleaning and uses the most chemicals.

Here are some ways that you can hygiene clean your bathroom and make it greener.

1. Keep your bathroom well ventilated: After showering or bathing, open the window or turn on the extractor fan for a few minutes. This helps clear up excessive moisture in the air and prevents mould from forming.

2. When choosing a shower curtain, try to get an eco-friendly option, made from green materials. Some good choices include bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. PVC and Vinyl should not be considered. They are awful for your health and the environment!

3. Move from standard cleaning products to natural or homemade cleaners. Vinegar and rubbing alcohol, to name just two, can serve as key ingredients for homemade hygiene cleaning solutions. A diluted vinegar spray in your shower after use prevents mould from growing.

Use the following mixture daily:

Simple Daily Shower Spray Recipe
3 parts of water
1 part apple cider vinegar or white vinegar

Vinegar-Free Daily Shower Spray Recipe
Mix the following in a spray bottle, shake and apply daily:
1 part of rubbing alcohol
3 parts of water

4. Get and fix a low-flow shower head in your shower: they decrease water consumption by about 50%.

5. When shaving or brushing your teeth do not leave the water running. Only turn the water on when it is necessary. Make sure you save as much water as possible.

6. Use nature-friendly light bulbs: compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) bulbs conserve energy, offer improved light quality and are cheaper over the long term.

7. Add some houseplants to your bathroom. Many houseplants do well in highly humid, warm and low light bathroom conditions. The greenery will refresh the air and improve air quality.

Environmentally friendly efforts can be achieved on a modest budget. Not only do they address environmental issues, but also improve your well-being.

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